August 28, 2016

On this Sunday morning we continued our short sermon series called, “The Gospel : Do We Really Know It; Can We Clearly Explain It?”

Having already considered the CONTENT of the gospel, and the CONSEQUENCES of the gospel, we now come to the first of 2 questions surrounding the RESPONSE to the gospel–

1) What does the Biblical word “saved” mean?
2) What must one do* to be saved?

The audio link above begins to answer the first of these 2 questions.  Bible passages and a visual are contained in the PDF file below.

Worship Folder August 28 2016

*Note – Regarding question #2, which will be addressed on 9/4/2016, the answer is, “Nothing.” if you define “do” as an action that merits favor or seeks to be salvific.  However, I will attempt to demonstrate from the Bible that there is a sense of “doing”, as in responding, that God requires of humans.  However, even this sense of “doing” is wholly dependent on God’s grace and inner working within the heart of man.