Colossians 2:8-15
How To Never Be Kidnapped By Christian Counterfeits

Introduction: see verse 8 where the Apostle Paul lists the kind of imitations, knock-offs, and counterfeits that Christians are fooled by.

Then take note of the last words of verse 8, “and not according to Christ”.

I. Rehearse Jesus’ Deity (verse 9)

II. Embrace Your Identity (in Christ) (verses 11 & 12)

III. Trust God’s Activity

  • He made us alive! (verse 13)
  • He set our debt aside! (verse 14)
  • He made spiritual dark authorities run and hide! (verse 15)

When you listen to the sermon audio and hear the hammer hit the nail….try to visualize the document with the verdict on it that says you are guilty of sin and must die and spend eternity in hell, being nailed to the cross when Jesus died and paid your debt for you (if you are a Christian that is).