This week’s outline was, well…a little confusing for some (while listening).
Here are some notes that I hope will help.

Colossians 2:16-23
Frameworks, Feelings, & Fences: 3 Things That Will Not Make You a Better Christian–

  • Judaism (look at verses 16 & 17 for signs that the Colossians were being told to add Judaism to their faith in Jesus)
  • Mysticism (look at verses 18 & 19 for signs that the Greeks in Colossae were pushing for Mysticism to be added to faith in Jesus)
  • Legalism (look at verses 20-23 for signs that man-made rules and strict regulations were tempting to the young Colossian church)

Old Testament Judaism (and other religions like it) offered a FRAMEWORK that is attractive to many of us.

  • Dietary Design
  • Designated Days

But when we observe these things, without our heart being in them, we miss the point of why God gave them in the first place.  These things are listed in the Bible as a SHADOW of things to come; Christ is the SUBSTANCE.

So, want a GENUINE connection with God?  That’s found through Christ, not some framework.

Greek Mysticism – FEELINGS are soooooo appealing.  But we are clearly taught that those who disqualify us as true believers because we haven’t subjected ourselves to–

  • Physical Pain (Asceticism)
  • Ecstatic Experiences (Like worshiping angels and seeing visions

are basically “puffed up in their sensuous minds”.

True GROWTH that comes from God, is the result of us aligning ourselves with our HEAD – which is Christ.  Obedience, not feelings and experiences, are our true path to spiritual growth.  Wow, is this passage in the Bible timely or what?

Finally, do you want to live a GODLY life?  Well, FENCES may make great neighbors but as you study the remainder of Colossians 2, you’ll see that they aren’t really helpful when you want to curb the desires of the flesh.   Man-made religion, strict regulations and made-up rules, LOOK LIKE THEY MAKE US GODLY, but that is just an appearance.   Though do’s and don’ts are a part of a legitimate faith in Christ, we can’t actually control our sin nature through them.  We need the grace of God in Christ.