At TERC we’ve been working our way through the Gospel of Mark this year.  In early August we landed in Mark 7:1-23.   After taking time to reflect on Jesus’ overall message concerning outward -vs- inward sources of spiritual defilement, we are now giving careful consideration to 12 evil things which originate from within us.   These sins are not popular topics.   Jesus included some items in Mark 7 that sometimes overlap but which, when listed side-by-side, in specific contexts carry nuanced meanings that require our careful Sin from withinexamination.

The attached brochure contains the text of Mark 7:1-23 and enumerates Jesus’ list of inner evils.

Please take time to regularly re-read this passage as we ask ourselves, “What would our individual and corporate lives look like, if we eradicated the sins of Mark 7 from our homes and our church?”

Fall Sermon Series 2015